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I am that weapon.
You're here because your marketing team needs a secret weapon.
Google is now ranking your website based on its mobile version.  Is your mobile site really your best work? 
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Growth Driven SEO for The Mobile-First World

Hi, I am Steve Weber.

Since 2005, I've helped ecommerce brands grow their organic search engine traffic. I've helped brands like Calvin Klein, Reef, Jansport, Nature Made, Fanatics, and others grow their website's traffic and revenue without wasting unnecessary advertising dollars to stay in front of their potential customers.

I know that I can do the same for your brand, too.

SWeber Marketing LLC is my digital marketing consulting agency where I help brands with a national reach grow their online traffic and revenue with minimal or no ad spend.

What This Agency Isn't:

  • A large marketing agency that doesn't deliver.

Sweber Marketing is an SEO consulting agency for teams that value hands-on experience, exceptional service, and strategies that drive tangible results.

I am a mighty team of one.

I have led an SEO team at a large agency in the past. The dynamic is different than you might think. While you were pitched to believe that the department's best SEO will work on your account, the reality is you have someone with only a few years experience working on your account.

I started this agency for that very reason.

My clients get 100% of my experience, focus, and accountability.

I love being able to fill my calendar with teams who genuinely enjoy working with me, and I work hard to make sure they view me as their secret weapon.

  • An agency that will gamble your growth with speculative tactics.

I win on behalf of my clients through many small, consistent wins over time. This online growth is earned through a combination of technical seo, content marketing, measurement, refining, learning, and focusing on what works. 

  • An agency that often loses to your competitors.

My clients hire me to find search engine growth strategically. I am an accountable teammate. If we are down against our goals, I will tell my clients why we are down, what I will do about it, and then I execute on that plan. I find that having clear optics, being transparent, and putting in the work, rarely leads to disappointment. 

  • An agency that is outdated.
    (I have 130+ Certifications) 

Every week I earn or renew a digital marketing certification. I've been blogging about my learning quest in the certifications section of this site. This project is in its second year, with 130 certifications earned. I win on behalf of my clients by applying the new things I am learning with my past experiences. 

Ecommerce Growth Averages:

  • +186% in session growth year over year
  • +58.5% in revenue growth year over year

Our results will vary based on the overall size of the website and the amount of effort required for us to grow. If you are curious about learning more or if I might be a good fit for your team, please contact me.


Search Engine Optimization 

We specialize in organic search growth for websites and brands with global reach. 

Conversion Rate Optimization

Turn your visitors into customers with our team of experts. We'll analyze your website and develop a suitable conversion-rate strategy.

Growth Driven Analytics

There is no one size fits all approach to your digital marketing growth. Every consumer is different, and we constantly optimize our strategies off of real world data points. 

Full Service Growth Driven Digital Marketing Agency

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